Pakistani celebrities reveal their electricity bills


The Pakistani government has failed to give any relief to the masses. We are hearing people committing suicides due to the incendary bills thrown at them this month while many cities are blocked and witnessing massive protests against electricity prices. The average unit price has reached nearly 60 rupees and it will reach up to 90 rupees if the reports are to be believed. People cannot afford food or to pay their bills anymore and life is getting more and more difficult for everyone.

The electricity prices have become sky high due to the IPP projects of the previous government and now with the IMF deal and economic mismanagement, even the most privileged are crying and are not able to easily afford the tariffs. Nadia Kahn asked her celebrity friends and even the A lister celebrities cannot afford the bills anymore.

Sadia Imam shared that her electricity bill was 67000 and she has now converted her house to solar energy as the prices are insane. She still got a 19000 bill after converting her house to solar.

Nida Yasir revealed that she was not at her home for half a month as the whoel famil went for vacations and she still got 1 lakh rupees bill. Now, she is trying to control the energy consumption as much as she can and even converting to solar is difficult as it is very expensive.

Fiza Ali also got a bill worth 67000 rupees though she was travelling and she does not even use a lot of AC.

Nadia Khan herself received a bill worth 75000 though she was not even at her house this month as she was in Thailand for work and later went to visit her dad in Islamabad.

Here is how even celebrities are shocked by the hellish electricity bills and taxes in them being charged by the government:


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